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purpose of providing large salaries for a few of the Poor law Medical

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and kept in position for six weeks. The external wounds healed

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weight on the front part of the feet and alternatel gt

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nurses I cut into the abscess pus flowed profusely. T

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mofiy which was adopted without a dissenting voice and incor

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comparing plethysmographic tracings of the arm volume see page

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in the dark. Exposed to the light it turns brown and

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drink more water since drinking water between m pls

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cases the lesions are those of pneumonia rheumatism or other febrile pro

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he was breathing more regularly a flicker of pulse was

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that it is rarely affected throughout. He further states that paralysis

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sclerosis. While typhoid does not exert so deleteriovis an action on

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often supervenes in the course of chronic pain below

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thesia is perfectly regular. It is easy for the operator if he gives

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the hardness of the roads and the furious manner in which the driving

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we require the exercnse of a shrewd judgment acting ipon

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may become solid so that the catheter cannot be passed.

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obtain the sanction of the master whose name it bears. Flugge

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exposure or overexertion and most frequently of all traumatism. It oc

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