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itself in place of the tissue of the ovary and consequently preserves to

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have among other interesting papers Remarks on the Use of Barium

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and we will at once proceed to describe the various depart

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taxis repulsion. Buchner showed that dead bacteria the proteid constituents of

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out the help of any instrument it adapted itself to the

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long to clear the malleoli is attached to the webbing straps the

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stated that he considered migraine to be due in many instances

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irredueible liernia and an improved method of adapting a

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a toxin which was hemolytic and also produced anaphylaxis on primary intra

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lated lichen planus annularis. In fact Besnier who saw

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median line. Amylated chloroform was administered. The

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almost entirely in the capsule. In older subjects the

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operation in five cases in one to relieve dyspncoa and in the

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and other air passages were so blocked by them that

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the worst and most fatal character are directly or indirectl

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and much valuable live stock but it is difficult of practical application.

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fruit. The ultimate results are consequently vastly difTerent for

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This disease is believed by many authors to be of infectious origin.

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himself as pain giddiness cold heat blindness numbness.

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physiological knowledge will suffice to prevent our falling into the

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tonitis endocarditis synovitis broncho pneamoula principally in adults

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The musk deer is laboriously hunted in the central and

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year. It is during the development of tlie brain and nervous

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such information as might be required so that it became neces

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or grayish white pus while surrounding them is a reddish brown hepatized

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professional brother only laughed in my face rubbed

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has been announced by the Department but what may be the

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a too early resort to surgery and mechanical methods of support is

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tion and it is interesting to note in this connection that observers have

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and her powers of reparation against the art of the physician

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but it is necessary for practical purposes to adopt a classification which

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less or more poisons substances that produce physiological

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nervous system particularly the pulmonary and stomach

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general hospital with the i Ost hospital Presidio Presidio post headquarters and the

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artificial respiration it is possible that even more satisfactory

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slept for four or five nights previous to her admission. Dr. Clark having

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centage of recoveries. To this opportunity for repeated infection

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